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Advanced sensor driver development

0. Introduction In the project I’m currently developing I needed to integrate a small IMU IC (based on the BMM150 and BMI160 from BOSCH) and for this reason, after developing the PCB, I needed to develop also the driver interface… Continue Reading →

SMT PCB hand soldering

0. Introduction This is the first article of a series dedicated to SMT PCB development. In this one, I’ll talk about technique, tips and tricks to hand-solder SMT components, like SOIC, SOT-23, … up to smaller ones like SDE06A and… Continue Reading →

Custom keyboard macro for Eagle

0. Introduction Two days ago I saw this youtube video by Linus Tech Tips and I decided I should develop something similar in order to create schematics and pcbs faster with Eagle in Ubuntu 14.04. The script I developed is… Continue Reading →

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