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Install Adafruit I2C library on TinkerBoard

0. Introduction In a previous project I used the I2C channel of TinkerBoard and I was looking for a library that could handle it with python in an easy way. For this reason, I found this library available from Adafruit… Continue Reading →

ROS installation guide for TinkerBoard

0. Introduction I decided to write this tutorial because I find some issues when I firstly installed ROS on my TinkerBoard, so maybe this page can help someone else to use this tool. This tutorial works with TinkerOS 1.4 and… Continue Reading →

CUDA installation on Ubuntu and Windows

In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to easily install the CUDA libraries and cuDNN for both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04 (I installed it only on this two os but it should work also on Ubuntu 16.04 and… Continue Reading →

TensorFlow AI with Flappy Bird

0. Introduction In this tutorial I’ll show how to develop a simple bot that uses reinforcement learning to win. I used python2.7, PyGame and TensorFlow with GPU acceleration enabled to achieve a faster training. The Neural Network training script is… Continue Reading →

Object Detection with YOLOv2

0. Introduction In this tutorial I will explain how to use the Darknet tool to develop a object detector that can find the selected object using an image or a video as input. I trained it to find my Amazon… Continue Reading →

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